Get free ssl certificates from Sectigo, RapidSSL or Let's Encrypt certificate authorities

Get free ssl certificate from Sectigo certificate authority

After generating a certificate signing request, the next step is to request actual certificate signed by certificate authority. One of the easiest and fastest ways to issue such certificate is to request it from Comodo CA. This company offers free of charge short-term 90-days certificates, recognisable by all modern and legacy browsers. Sign up and follow instructions to issue InstantSSL Trial Certificate valid for 90 days.

Get free ssl certificate from RapidSSL certificate authority

Alternatively, it is possible to issue free certificate from RapidSSL CA. This company offers free of charge short-term 30-days certificate, recognisable by all modern and legacy browsers. RapidSSL free certificate (DV)

Get free certificate from Let’s Encrypt certificate authority

There is an alternative way to get 90-days certificate from Let’s Encrypt CA. This CA offers to issue certificate via an automated process designed to eliminate the hitherto complex process of manual certificate creation. The command below allows to issue certificate, using provided certificate request:

certbot certonly -n --csr /path/to/csr/request.csr --fullchain-path /path/to/issued/certificate.crt --cert-name certificate-name -d -d --webroot -w /path/to/web/root --agree-tos --expand --email

Generate a self-signed certificate

It is often useful to issue a certificate yourself, for instance, when it is required to keep encrypted communication channels. Note, browsers and other software won't trust such certificates. Following command generates certificate:

openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in csr-request.csr -signkey pem-private.key -out certificate.crt

Convert PEM certificate to java keystone format

Some software supports certificates in certain format only. For example, java applications, such as TomCat web server, support ssl certificates as bundle in java trust store format only. In order to convert certificate and private key from .pem format to .keystore format, follow these steps: