I need to secure my users' login and profile information.

I sell stuff on my website and need to secure my customers' credit card information.

I need to protect Enterprise information and/or financial data with high-level security.

I need to sign digital software with a code-signing certificate.

For example www.mydomain.com or mail.mydomain.com

For example mail.mydomain.com, www.mydomain.com, secure.mydomain.com, etc. all with one certificate (*.mydomain.com).

For example mail.mydomain.com, www.anotherdomain.com, autodiscover.mydomain.com, etc. all with one UC certificate.

These types of certificates are usually issued immediately or within a few minutes. The provider usually only verifies that you own the domain name and, therefore, your organization name is not displayed on the certificate.

These types of certificates usually take a few hours to a few days to receive. They also require your business or organization to be validated and ownership of the domain name to be verified.

These types of certificates usually take a few days to issue. They require extensive business or organization validation and domain name verification.